PS5 PlayStation 5 UI YouTube 1

Even we’ve been critical of PlayStation’s communication campaign for the PlayStation 5 at times, but maybe we should cut the company some slack. After last week’s PS5 teardown video went nuclear, the company has followed up with an explosive first look at the system’s user experience – and overnight it was the top trending video on YouTube. Like, the whole of YouTube – even outperforming Demi Lovato’s new music video!

PS5 PlayStation 5 UI YouTube 2

Obviously the metrics have slowed a little now, but it’s still poised to cross seven million views in 24 hours. Why are we even talking about this? Well, because these are extraordinary metrics, and absolutely are an indication of the enthusiasm surrounding Sony’s next-gen console. The crazy thing is, as we get closer to launch, there’s still so much more for the manufacturer to tell us. Yes, the wait has been irritating at times – but it’s built unrivalled hype in the process.