Sony has revealed the official advert that will accompany the PlayStation 5 as it launches across the world in just a couple of weeks time. Narrated by the Japanese giant's new strategic creative partner Travis Scott, the minute-long ad is full of inspirational clips before taking the viewer to space. It then signs off with the new marketing tagline: Play Has No Limits. Over on the PlayStation Blog, Eric Lampel explains the thought process behind the global TV advert.

He says: "The theme of the spot is centered around the idea of exploration. There is a desire in all of us to explore and discover new possibilities, whether it’s in gaming, or in our everyday lives. We all want to go to places we’ve never been, see what’s never been seen. We tell the story by paying homage to explorers of the past who stood on the threshold of the unknown and pushed past their limits to achieve the extraordinary."

Lampel adds that it is designed to feel "epic and iconic" as it celebrates Sony's commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming. Do you think the ad achieves that? Share your thoughts in the comments below.