Update: A bunch more outlets are now joining the PS5 fun. It seems lots of US-based media are receiving their PS5 consoles, with many of them sharing images of the box on social channels. Places like Polygon, GamesRadar, Washington Post, and more have teased fans on Twitter:

Original Story: Hold onto your butts: Sony is seemingly sending out PlayStation 5 to select media.

We've seen some folks posting pics of themselves with a DualSense PS5 controller — footballer Robert Lewandowski posed with the pad on Instagram — but it now looks like the Japanese giant is beginning to get the console out to more relevant places and people. Case in point: Austin Evans, a YouTuber specialising in videos on tech, posted this yesterday:


More recently, Jeff Bakalar of CNET shared a GIF of the PS5 inside its retail box, the first time we've seen the physical packaging "in the flesh".

It seems it's only a matter of time before certain outlets will be sharing their thoughts on the PS5. It's about time, too — the console launches in just a few weeks. Are you excited to start seeing some coverage on PS5 from the gaming media? Prepare yourselves in the comments below.

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