PS4 PlayStation 4 Sales 1

Sony’s financials continue to make for healthy reading as the coronavirus pandemic has boosted the PlayStation business to stratospheric levels. The manufacturer’s current flagship system, the PlayStation 4, shipped 1.5 million units in the three month period ending 30th September, meaning its life-to-date sales currently sit at 113.6 million units.

That actually represents a significant decline in PS4 hardware sales compared to the 2.8 million units it shipped during the same period last year, although it’s worth noting that the console was somewhat supply constrained due to COVID-19. It’s also been years since the system received a price alteration, which is something the platform holder may consider once the PlayStation 5 launches next month.

While the organisation’s gaming division dominated sales, raking in ¥104.9 billion (~$988 million) overall, all of the firm’s subsidiaries – including, surprisingly, Sony Pictures – turned a profit, leading to a quarterly operating income of ¥317.8 billion (~$2.99 billion). It’ll now look to the holiday period, and the all-important launch of the PS5, to bolster its performance.