Killzone PS5 PlayStation 5

Killzone fans are having a helluva week, because they believe the PlayStation 5’s user interface introduction is teasing a new title. You may have noticed the Helghast front-and-centre in the system login screen, but that’s just an ancient PlayStation Network avatar, right? Should we really be reading too much into it?

Scotty Kenzo PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Well, no, but the name Scotty Kenzo has intrigued hardcore followers of Guerrilla Games’ franchise. Indeed, there is a character in Killzone lore called Sgt. Kenzo Hakhan, who served as a Helghan soldier during the Vektan Cold War. So, could this be a hint at a new game? Well, no, because Scotty Kenzo is one of the fake names the Japanese giant’s been using on PlayStation marketing materials for years:

Scotty Kenzo PS5 PlayStation 5 2

We do know that Guerrilla Games likely has a second project in production alongside Horizon Forbidden West, which is widely believed to be some kind of online shooter. Could it be Killzone-themed? Well, it’s certainly not impossible – but this PS5 user interface tease is not evidence of that in the slightest, we’re afraid.