With gameplay stats like these, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends must be pretty darn popular. The co-op expansion, which launched for free earlier this month, has already racked up some seriously impressive player statistics.

11.7 million missions have been played, and 1.3 billion enemies have been defeated — 141 million of which were terrifying oni. But perhaps most importantly, 22.7 million spirit dogs have been summoned. We're sure they've all been good boys.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Stats

What's more, the Assassin character class is currently the most popular pick. 30 per cent of players have taken to the shadows, although we don't know how things are divided up amongst the other three roles.

Legends is about to get even busier, too. The mode's all-important raid launches tomorrow (that's the 30th October), bringing a whole new challenge to the game. It promises to push your teamwork to the absolute limit, with daunting enemies and tricky puzzle elements.

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