Borderlands 3 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

As the old DJ Khaled GIF goes: another one. Borderlands 3 has been confirmed for PlayStation 5’s launch lineup, meaning if you already own the game on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to download the next-gen edition day one. To be clear, this means a 12th November release date for the US and select other regions, then 19th November for the rest of the world.

The Gearbox first-person looter-shooter will run at 60 frames-per-second in 4K on next-gen hardware, and will support four-player split-screen. You’ll be able to transfer any save progress you’ve made, and if you happen to have purchased any DLC on the PS4, then that’ll come with you as well. You can find a full list of all PS5 launch games and free PS4 to PS5 upgrades through the respective links.