The first hands on analysis from tech specialists Digital Foundry for the PlayStation 5 has been uploaded, and it of course centres around Astro’s Playroom. The main takeaway: the game’s running at a flawless 60 frames-per-second in full native 4K – a razor-sharp start to a new generation. We’ve also noticed that the title features rudimentary raytracing, especially on glossy surfaces, like the metallic detail on Astro Bot’s helmet.

An additional observation: the game includes an update which massively changes the visuals. Digital Foundry points out that PS5 consoles have been in production for quite some time, and so developer Asobi Team had plenty of extra time to polish the title between manufacturing starting and now. This has resulted in some massive improvements, including animated foliage and shadowing. You can still play the full game without the update, but obviously we’d recommend you install the patch before diving in.