The Elder Scrolls Online PS4

It's probably not the exact title you were hoping to hear about, but as an example of how Microsoft's purchase of ZeniMax Media won't affect its support of PlayStation platforms, The Elder Scrolls Online will continue to receive updates, patches, and DLC on Sony's range of systems. In fact, the two companies are excited about how the acquisition could make The Elder Scrolls Online even better.

In a tweet posted to the game's official Twitter account, studio director Matt Firor said: "I want to take this moment to reassure the entire Elder Scrolls Online community that ESO will continue to be supported exactly as it was, and we fully expect it to keep growing and thriving on each of the platforms that are currently supported. We are very happy with the news, and can't wait to see how the two companies working together can make ESO even better for everyone." Firor goes on to thank the community that has grown around The Elder Scrolls Online and promises more support for the years to come.

While this was fairly obvious — Microsoft has allowed Mojang to continue supporting Minecraft on PlayStation 4, with the same going for Obsidian and its work on The Outer Worlds — it's still nice to have official confirmation. Are you looking forward to more The Elder Scrolls Online content? Role play in the comments below.