Streets of Rage 4 Update PS4 PlayStation 4

Streets of Rage 4 is a cracking beat-'em-up on PlayStation 4, but dedicated fans have found plenty of things that can be improved. It seems the development teams have been listening, as a massive update for the game has just dropped. Available to download and install now, patch version 1.03 makes an enormous number of changes in an effort to rebalance the game.

In a press release from publisher DotEmu, you can read up on all the patch notes. The headline changes are to the main cast of characters. For example, Axel has been buffed, with better movement speed, an improved air special, and lots of other tweaks to his moveset. Cherry, Blaze, Floyd, and Adam have all had some major changes too in order to make brawls more fair. A bunch of infinite combo loops have been removed, for instance.

Retro characters and bosses have also had some tweaks, and some of the stages have seen some changes as well. It's a huge list of updates, so check out the full rundown in the link above. If you've been playing a lot, you may notice a fair few changes to the game's flow after this update.

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