Rocket League goes free-to-play starting today, and it's about to get a big in-game event to celebrate. After being acquired by Epic Games last year, the popular title is stablemates with Fortnite, and the pair are about to cross streams with Llama-Rama.

Llama-Rama is an event within Rocket League that kicks off from 26th September and runs until 12th October. Within this time, you'll be able to complete a series of Event Challenges in order to unlock Fortnite-themed goodies, such as llama antennas, toppers, decals, and wheels. Even the Battle Bus itself can be unlocked as a car body — if you can complete all the Event Challenges, that is. Completing Event Challenges in Rocket League will grant you rewards in Fortnite as well, so if you regularly play both, this will be worth checking out.

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