Fall Guys Jump Showdown PS4

Fall Guys players are starting to demonstrate some pretty impressive moves to avoid being eliminated in various rounds, but a quick bit of luck always goes a long way to securing the victory. Enter Reddit user Noelexe, who claims to have used up all of their luck for the rest of 2020 in order to secure their win on Jump Showdown. They got knocked off by one of the spinning gondolas in the final round but still ended up taking the Crown for themselves! Check out the clip below to see what we mean.

It may not be obvious to tell how they won so let us explain. As Noelexe is about to be eliminated, the platform being used by the two other contestants still in the game begins to wobble and drops. You notice it just before the two big gondolas swing around and give Noelexe a big problem. As such, everyone falls into the pink goo below, but because the two other jelly beans hit it first, Noelexe is crowned the winner!

Bit lucky, aren't they? Have you had anything like this happen to you before? Test your own luck in the comments below.

[source reddit.com]