Pragmata PS5

Ask us to describe PlayStation 5 project Pragmata and all we could probably come up with is a couple of words. Space? A digitised cat? A man in a spacesuit? Yeah, something like that. The new IP from Capcom hasn't exactly explained itself ahead of a 2022 release window and the official PS5 page from Sony doesn't do too much of a better job. It touches on the obvious points such as a new adventure from the developer of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil, as well as taking place in a dystopian near-future, but that's pretty much it.

The description reads: "Pragmata will present players with a profound story and setting, as cutting edge visuals take full advantage of next-generation platform features – all made possible by the power of the PlayStation 5 console." At least this heavily suggests the game won't also be coming to PlayStation 4. Capcom already has Resident Evil Village and Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition to put out before Pragmata, so let's hope for more information next year.

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