You're going to have to wait slightly longer for Hawkeye and Spider-Man to make their way to Marvel's Avengers because Crystal Dynamics has just announced that the first superhero arriving after launch is Kate Bishop. Her story begins right after the culmination of the base game's campaign and ties into the narrative that also brings Hawkeye into the fray. Her addition wasn't dated, but it doesn't seem like we'll be waiting too long before her bow and arrow are in our hands. Don't forget the superhero and everything that comes with them is completely free.

Kate Bishop will be voiced by Ashley Burch and brings with her new story missions, locations, and gameplay mechanics to ensure a fresh experience can be enjoyed by all. The latest War Table livestream also seemed to indicate that it had plans to unveil Black Panther as a new playable character, but the reveal appears to have been delayed out of respect for Chadwick Boseman. Are you happy with this selection, or were you hoping for a different superhero? Get hyped in the comments below.