Madden NFL 21 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Whether or not you think Madden NFL 21’s gameplay has stagnated, there’s simply no denying that this year’s game lacks polish. Since reviewing the release, the title has hard crashed on us a couple of times, and has also got stuck in infinite loading screens. It’s really buggy, and some fans have simply had enough, leading to the hashtag #NFLDropEA trending on Twitter.

EA Sports does seem to understand that this year’s game isn’t good enough. Earlier in the year it released a statement outlining its plans for the future of Franchise mode, which has come in for serious criticism. Now it’s released early patch notes for the game’s next major update, which is set to coincide with the start of the new football season.

Among the improvements are a ton of bug fixes, so hopefully the title will be much more stable once the patch drops. There are also a bunch of gameplay tweaks as well, such as changes to the way the QB Contain mechanic works against play-action passes, and logic alterations to the Throw Out of Sack system which prevents quarterbacks from tossing the ball when they’re tackled on their throwing arm.

Madden Ultimate Team will also be getting quicker menus, while the Yard will be adding leaderboards. EA Sports says that it will outline the first of three Franchise mode updates towards the beginning of the NFL season, and it will also provide general timelines for when they’ll be available. There’ll be no real changes to the mode in this upcoming patch.

The publisher is being particularly candid right now, which suggests it’s definitely feeling the heat. The game is the worst reviewed Madden of the generation, and while there are things to like about the package, such as its new Yard mode, the company’s going to have to do better if it wants to win fans back around ahead of the release of the next-gen version a little later in the year.