PS5 PlayStation 5 User Interface 1

Excuse the crude patent diagrams, but this could very well be our first glimpse at the PlayStation 5’s user interface. Sony bigwig Jim Ryan has promised that all will be revealed soon, but this documentation submitted by the platform holder potentially reveals some of the things we can expect to experience when we boot up our next-gen console for the first time.

What you’re seeing in the diagram is a game that’s been selected from the main menu. This brings up a ribbon of icons, some of which are personalised and tailored to your individual progress. The first panel boots a quick menu, which allows you to do rudimentary things like restart the game or create a party to play with friends.

It’s the other panels that are interesting, though: these can be contextual, so if you’ve just beaten Mission 4 in a particular game, it’ll show you a panel for Mission 5 – allowing you to learn more about it and jump directly to it. You’ll also be able to view which of your friends have played that part of the game, and any other additional information pertaining to their progress.

At the top of the screen is your friends list, but you’ll able to spotlight particular pals, and you’ll get more information about what they’re up to – for example, if they’ve started a livestream. A lot of this social stuff aligns with rumours we’ve heard about the PS5 UI before, so hopefully the Japanese giant will pull back the curtain soon and share more with us.

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