Godfall PS5

You didn't think Counterplay Games would release Godfall as part of the PlayStation 5 launch and then call it a day, did you? Of course not! A more expensive version of the game, titled the Ascended Edition, has revealed it will receive at least one piece of DLC in 2021 that will expand the experience with new content. What's more, the fact that it's labelled "Expansion I" does indeed suggest there will be more to come for the PS5 title.

There's more to this Ascended Edition than just an expansion though as bonus in-game items are all themed around gold. You'll get an exclusive orange vertigo valorplate (whatever that means), three more gold valorplates, a gold royal banner and zodiac knight lobby title, a gold weapon pack and shield, and all of the pre-order bonuses. Yeah, if you like gold, this is the version for you.

Speaking of which, those pre-order bonuses include a starter pack of items, Zero's sword (who's that?), and even more valorplate skins. It might sound like we're dunking on Godfall with all of this content, but at least it looks pretty good in the latest trailer released. It'll be interesting to see whether those who pick up Godfall digitally on PS5 will still get those pre-order bonuses though, since there's no way to pre-order the game before you actually get the system. That is unless we'll be able to pre-purchase it on PlayStation 4.

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