Fall Guys is a simple, multiplayer platforming game that doesn't take itself seriously. You'd think, then, that it's relatively free of players using cheats and hacks to get the upper hand. Unfortunately, that's not the case β€” on PC, anyway.

Since the game's launch, the team at Mediatonic has been trying to stamp out cheaters on the Steam version. Despite catching thousands of wrongdoers, the developer has had to implement even more strict anti-cheat measures. Luckily for PlayStation 4 owners, cheaters aren't really a thing, but it's a different story for those on PC.

As a thank you for bearing with the cheaters while the team figured out solutions, Mediatonic has gifted all players β€” on PC and PS4 β€” a new in-game outfit. The next time you boot up the game, check your inventory to find the Twinklycorn upper and lower costume pieces. Sure, we'll take a freebie, cheers.

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