Demon’s Souls is a true next-gen showcase for the PlayStation 5, and its recent demo is running at 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s new hardware. A Digital Foundry analysis concludes that the title, presumably utilising some kind of performance mode, is leveraging 1440p resolution – although it stresses that due to the kind of anti-aliasing and motion blur developer Bluepoint is leveraging, it still resolves an extremely crisp image.

The framerate isn’t quite locked, with some very minor dips in places – although it’s worth remembering that this isn’t final code. Based on previous trailers, it’s probably safe to assume there’ll be a full, native 4K option at 30 frames-per-second as well, although with image quality this good we’re not sure why you’d select it over the boosted framerate version. It’s interesting to see this kind of early next-gen analysis, and we’re eager to learn how the rest of Sony’s PS5 launch games stack up as we get closer to release.