Dead by Daylight PS5 PlayStation 5

Dead by Daylight is a popular multiplayer horror title that's been enjoying a pretty amazing run of post-launch content. There's plenty to enjoy for fans of the genre here, allowing players to take control of some of horror's most iconic adversaries -- even Silent Hill's Pyramid Head. And the scares don't stop on PlayStation 4, either; developer Behaviour Interactive has today announced it's bringing the game to PS5.

In a press release, the studio confirms Dead by Daylight will come to PS5 within the "Holiday 2020 launch window". The next-gen version will benefit from "a major graphical update", and will run at 4K and 60 frames per second. Behaviour pledges to continue enhancing the visuals with updates "every six weeks", so it'll only keep getting better.

Current owners of Dead by Daylight will "experience a seamless transition" when they upgrade to PS5, and all progression will be carried over too. That's pretty awesome news for fans; you'll be able to upgrade for free and carry on where you left off.

Are you a Dead by Daylight player? Will you keep the horror show going on PS5? Turn out the lights in the comments section below.