Pixelated strategy title Wargroove arrived fashionably late on PlayStation 4 last year, and it did so missing a key feature found on other systems. Cross-platform functionality meant players with the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC versions could all play together, but the PS4 port arrived without this ability. The game made its way to Sony's console at a time when the company was relaxing its restrictive stance on cross-play, and there are now several titles that support the feature on the system.

So, when can we expect cross-play in Wargroove on PS4? With the launch of the game's free DLC, Double Trouble, PS4 players will also be getting cross-play functionality at last. This will allow users on every platform to play online matches together, as well as share custom maps and other user-made content.

This isn't the only good news, though. The wait for the aforementioned expansion pack is nearly over; it's due to arrive tomorrow, on 4th August 2020.

It's a beefy DLC, too. Double Trouble introduces an extra story campaign, three new Commanders, new unit types, public and private multiplayer lobbies, additional Arcade missions, and way more. Wargroove was already jam-packed, but this update will give you plenty of reason to return -- especially as it comes at no extra charge.

To recap, then: PS4 owners are getting the free Double Trouble expansion tomorrow, and with it comes cross-play with all other platforms. It's a good day for Wargroove fans. Will you be checking out the DLC? Are you looking forward to playing with friends on other systems? Work out your tactics in the comments section below.