Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster GAME

Wait, what? The long rumoured Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster can actually be pre-ordered? Right now? Er, apparently so. After the remaster was spotted on a GAME product list -- which many initially thought was fake -- Reddit users decided to see whether they could place a pre-order at their local branch. As it turns out, they succeeded. That's right, you can pre-purchase the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster despite the fact that it hasn't even been announced.

Reddit user Waymantis writes: "Naturally, as a UK resident, with a GAME nearby, I thought I'd see if there was any validity. Much to my surprise, after asking at the desk, and the attendant checking a store list on a tablet (seemingly identical to the one leaked) I was able to pre-order the game." They go on to provide photographs of the physical receipt, as well as a screenshot of the digital receipt.

Now before we all get too carried away, this could just be a (really weird) error on GAME's part -- but when coupled with all the other rumours that surround this supposed remaster, it's starting to seem more and more likely that an announcement is imminent. What's more, the GAME listing has a 29th September release date, which is pretty specific. In short, EA should just announce this thing already.

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