We got an extended look at raw Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart gameplay footage captured directly from a PlayStation 5 console during Gamescom Opening Night Live today, and wow – we’re running out of superlatives! The title very much looks like an animated movie brought to life, with the screen filled with moving objects, particles, and more.

It’s got the series’ staple shoot-‘em-up gameplay, but a new rift mechanic allows you to warp across the screen at speed – and of course, there’s also the trademark gimmick that sees you transitioning between different scenes in split-seconds. Speaking as part of an interview, developer Insomniac Games said that there will be zero loading screens in the game.

Furthermore, while there’s no official release date just yet, the studio confirmed that it’ll deploy within the next-gen system’s launch window, which means you can probably expect to be playing it early next year. So, it’s not too far away and it’s looking absolutely fantastic – thank heavens for Insomniac Games, eh?

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