Has the Marvel's Avengers PS4 Beta Convinced You to Buy the Game? Poll 1

Last week, we shared with you our initial impressions of Marvel's Avengers after gaining early access to the PlayStation 4 beta. And while we think its main missions are of a fairly high quality, it's the optional content that gives us pause. Many of its side quests feel wholly similar with generic tasks of defending points, beating up certain enemies, and racing towards specific points. It got fairly boring after a while, but we're wondering if you feel the same way

After sampling the Marvel's Avengers PS4 beta this past weekend, what were your main takeaways? Did you thoroughly enjoy it or were you left feeling disappointed? And most importantly, has it convinced you to buy the game come 4th September 2020? For more information on how you can gain access to the Marvel's Avengers PS4 Beta, head on through the link. However, if you've already had a taste, place your vote in our polls and expand on your thoughts in the comments below.

How would you rate the Marvel's Avengers beta?
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