If you're getting a bit bored of waiting for the next entry in the futuristic WipEout franchise, you might want to check out Pacer. Developer R8 Games has today confirmed that this speedy, anti-gravity driving experience will be coming to PlayStation 4 on 17th September 2020 and it'll also be packing an "innovative" Battle Royale mode named Storm. Check out the latest trailer above to catch a glimpse of Pacer in action.

14 different tracks play host to a single player campaign and multiplayer races for up to 10 competitors, while eight modes ensure things don't get stale too quickly. Playing alone, your goal is to become the Pacer world champion and an online mode sees ranked play determine who is the best of the best. Steve Iles, senior producer on Pacer, said: "Pacer is the fastest and most explosive game of its kind and we’re super proud as it prepares for the start line. Whether you’re into single player campaign play or inviting all your friends for multiplayer mayhem, it’s all here. Or if you’re daring and like a challenge, try our thrilling Battle Royale inspired mode, ‘Storm’."

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