Mafia: Definitive Edition has already proven that it'll offer a much better experience than its series counterparts when it comes to re-releases, and this latest trailer debuted at Gamescom Opening Night Live strengthens the claim even more. The remake looks like any other game released on PlayStation 4 nowadays with footage that touches on the original's more memorable moments. That includes the classic car race, of course.

As well as the experience you remember, don't forget that Mafia: Definitive Edition includes "an updated script filled with rich new dialogue, expanded backstories, and additional cutscenes. Players will also find all-new gameplay sequences and features, best-in-class cinematics, a re-recorded orchestral score, and other enhancements." You'll be able to start playing straight away on 25th September 2020 if you bought the Mafia: Trilogy bundle, but the game will still be available standalone on the PlayStation Store if you'd rather just play this one.

If you want to see it in action with nearly 20 minutes of gameplay, head on through this link. Did the latest trailer for Mafia: Definitive Edition impress you? Form a family in the comments below.