PS4 All Controller Colours

Looking for all PS4 controller colours released so far? Well you've come to the right place. In this guide, we've listed all of the different coloured DualShock 4 controllers that PlayStation has individually released over the course of the PS4's life.

All PS4 DualShock 4 Controller Colours

Below, you'll find every DualShock 4 design released so far. Please keep in mind that this guide does not cover DualShock 4 controllers that can only be purchased alongside a limited edition PS4.

Jet Black

PS4 Jet Black

Glacier White

PS4 Glacier White

Magma Red

PS4 Magma Red

Wave Blue

Ps4 Wave Blue

Green Camouflage

PS4 Green Camouflage

Red Camouflage

PS4 Red Camouflage

Blue Camouflage

PS4 Blue Camouflage


PS4 Crystal

Crystal Red

PS4 Crystal Red

Crystal Blue

PS4 Crystal Blue


PS4 Gold


PS4 Silver

Steel Black

PS4 Steel Black

Rose Gold

PS4 Rose Gold

Metallic Copper

PS4 Metallic Copper

Midnight Blue

PS4 Midnight Blue

Titanium Blue

PS4 Titanium Blue

Sunset Orange

PS4 Sunset Orange

Berry Blue

PS4 Berry Blue

Alpine Green

PS4 Alpine Green

Electric Purple

PS4 Electric Purple

500 Million Limited Edition

PS4 500 Million

PlayStation FC Limited Edition

PS4 Playstation FC Limited Edition

Destiny 2 Limited Edition

PS4 Destiny 2

20th Anniversary Limited Edition

PS4 20th Anniversary

Uncharted 4 Limited Edition

PS4 Uncharted 4 Limited Edition

God of War Limited Edition

Ps4 God Of War

Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition

PS4 GT Sport

Call of Duty Black Ops III Limited Edition

PS4 Call Of Duty Black Ops Iii

Call of Duty: WWII Limited Edition

PS4 Call Of Duty WWII

Darth Vader Edition

PS4 Darth Vader

The Last of Us: Part II Limited Edition

PS4 The Last of Us 2

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Which DualShock 4 design is your favourite?