Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4

Despite only being available on PlayStation 4 right now, Final Fantasy VII Remake has already become a sales success. Square Enix today announced that the game has now sold more than five million units across digital purchases and physical copies shipped to stores. This makes it "the highest selling digital release on the PlayStation platform in Square Enix’s history", according to a press release. It probably didn't have too much in the way of competition as far as the Japanese publisher itself goes, but that's still something worth celebrating.

Better yet, if you're still waiting to pull the trigger on Final Fantasy VII Remake, you can pick it up right now at a discounted price. The PlayStation Store Summer Sale has a deal on the base version which sees it drop to £39.59/$39.59. You've got until 20th August 2020 to take advantage of that. It's clear that the vast majority of players loved Square Enix's first instalment in this remake process, so let's hope Part 2 delivers on PlayStation 5.

How do you feel about Final Fantasy VII Remake a few months on? Avoid those side quests in the comments below.