Ghost of Tsushima Updates

It's safe to say we adore Ghost of Tsushima. In our 9/10 review, we called it "one of the greatest open world games of the generation", and we stick by that statement having spent over 60 hours with the release. But playing any game for that amount of time reveals flaws, and makes you consider ways in which the experience could be even better.

With that in mind, here are seven enhancements that we'd love to see added to Ghost of Tsushima through future updates.

Ghost Of Tsushima

1. New Game +

Easily the Ghost of Tsushima community's most requested feature, New Game + would allow players to slice their way through the story all over again, but with all of their skills and equipment from their previous playthrough intact.

Being an open world title with fairly light RPG elements, Ghost of Tsushima is practically begging for this mode. By the end of the game, you've unlocked so many cool outfits and abilities -- but you barely get to use them. Once the main story's finished and you've checked off every side quest, there's little reason to keep playing -- unless you're happy to just wander the map slaughtering random Mongol patrols.

New Game + would be the perfect excuse to come back to Ghost of Tsushima time and time again -- especially if gameplay could be rebalanced to reflect your progress. Jin's practically a one-man army by the time the credits roll, so it would be nice to see the game's most powerful enemies show up from the start of a New Game + run. Ideally, bosses would have a maximised health bar as well, so you're not tearing through your opponents in just a couple of attacks with your fully upgraded katana.

Perhaps New Game + could offer upgrades of its own. Additional armour enhancements, or a selection of new perks to purchase, expanding Jin's legend even further. The bottom line is that we'd love to play through Ghost of Tsushima again -- and New Game + would be the perfect way to do it.

2. Equipment Loadouts

Another popular request, equipment loadouts would let you change Jin's armour and charms without having to dig through menus and swap everything out. Just exploring the world, trying to track down some collectables? Simply switch to your Traveller's Attire loadout. About to get into a deadly duel with a murderous ronin? Quickly change into your Samurai Clan Armour, complete with your best defensive charms.

Being able to save a specific loadout for each situation would be a huge help.

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3. A Way to Disable 'Ghost Weather'

As you progress towards the last third of Jin's adventure, you may notice the weather becoming more and more stormy. By the end of the game, it can feel like Tsushima's cursed with constant thunderstorms -- and this is by design. As Jin comes to embrace his reputation as the 'Ghost', the game's weather systems begin to reflect his actions. Storms start to break out whenever you enter combat, and a foreboding grey sky keeps the game's glorious sun rays at bay.

On paper it's a cool concept, but in practice, it gets old fast. Thunderstorms are meant to be dramatic, but if you're being bombarded with crackling lightning every 20 seconds, they lose all impact. It gets to a point where the thunderstorm's sound effects are an annoyance, and you find yourself playing Jin's flute to clear the skies after every battle. The nice weather doesn't last, however -- the storms always come back eventually.

Ghost of Tsushima is a gorgeous game, and its lovingly crafted weather effects have a lot to do with how good the world looks. But with these constant thunderstorms, it loses so much of its charm. Again, tying the weather to Jin's increasingly dark actions is a cool concept, but we'd love to be able to disable 'Ghost Weather' so that we can go back to enjoying the often calming atmosphere of Tsushima.

4. A Way to Replay Quests and Duels

Ghost of Tsushima has some amazing moments peppered throughout its story. It's got loads of fantastic quests and intense duels -- but right now, there's no way to experience them again without having to start a new game. An aforementioned New Game + mode would solve this problem to some degree -- but a quick and easy replay option would be much appreciated.

We're not sure how Sucker Punch could implement this -- maybe Jin could reminisce about the past while bathing at a hot spring -- but the game's super fast load times should make for relatively painless transitions.

Ghost Of Tsushima Ps5

5. Some Kind of Arena or Horde Mode

Ghost of Tsushima's got a really great combat system, and so we'd love to put our skills to the test against waves of enemies. Now, we're not saying that we want battles of Dynasty Warriors proportions, but it would be cool to have specific combat arenas where Jin could take on various challenges. Even something like the Bloody Palace from Devil May Cry would be an amazing addition.

6. A Playtime Counter

This one's as straightforward as it gets. Why doesn't Ghost of Tsushima track your playtime? Even on the save data screen, there's no indication of how long you've spent liberating the island. This is easily the most basic request on this list, but it's still something we'd love to see.

7. Gameplay Stats

Building on our last point, we think that a statistics screen would be a fantastic addition. It could track how many Mongols we've killed. How many perfect parries we've performed. How many times we've unceremoniously fallen to our deaths. How many times we've forced our poor horse over a cliff. How many hours we've spent pissing about in photo mode. All that good stuff.

And that's just about it for our own suggestions, but what about you? What would you like to see added to Ghost of Tsushima in future updates? Vote in our poll, and then hope that Sucker Punch is reading the comments section below.

What Ghost of Tsushima feature do you want most?