Resident Evil 3 PS4

Here's a surprise to properly wake you up on this scorching Wednesday afternoon UK readers: Resident Evil 3 came out this year. This year! Who forgot about that one? We thought it was a good game but a bit of a poor remake of the original PlayStation 1 title, and that hasn't exactly translated into the most impressive of sales figures. As of 30th June 2020, it has sold roughly 2.7 million worldwide. That's a 55% decrease compared to the first two months of sales for Resident Evil 2, but Capcom doesn't seem too surprised by that.

During an investor Q&A held at some point this month, which has been picked up Video Games Chronicle, the Japanese publisher indicated that these statistics aren't particularly surprising. "With reference to sales trends for the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as well, results have not especially deviated from our internal sales plan. Looking ahead, we will consider pricing strategies targeting the holiday season, starting in autumn and running to the end of the year."

We take this to mean that Capcom will push Resident Evil 3 fairly heavily later on in the year with sales and discounts across the board. The game was recently a part of the PlayStation Store Summer Sale, which saw the price drop to £28.99/$35.99, but that clearly hasn't been enough to significantly move the needle in a positive direction.