Braid: Anniversary Edition was announced last night as part of Sony's State of Play livestream for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. At the time, it sounded like a fairly rudimentary remaster, but the more you dig into the finer details, this is actually shaping up to be a huge upgrade over the original game. It's due for release in 2021 and Jonathon Blow has expanded on what the Anniversary Edition includes.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, he states that the visuals are being hand-painted all over again along with new brand new assets. Extra animations are being added to the character while the sound is getting another pass to make it richer and more detailed. And if you want to see just how much work has gone into the remaster, you'll be able to revert back to the original visuals at the touch of a button in-game.

Developer commentary is also a major focus of Braid: Anniversary Edition." Blow says: "Since Braid is considered a classic by many, we wanted to make sure we do a good job providing the information people want to know, at a much more thorough level of detail than video games usually do. So, we’ll be talking about programming, art, design, video game history, and many other things, using in-game hyperlink portals so you can jump between levels to follow the various conceptual threads." This commentary is said to be incredibly in-depth, to the point where it lasts a significant number of hours.