The weekend may be a few too many days away right now, but if you're looking for a reason to get yourself excited about that potential time off, why not take Disintegration for a spin? The PlayStation 4 game, released just a month ago, will be free to download and play this coming weekend. You'll have access to its complete suite of multiplayer modes from 30th July 2020 through to 2nd August if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership.

What's more, if you like what you see, the full game which includes a complete single player campaign is available at a 40% discount right now in the PlayStation Store Summer Sale. It is currently priced at £23.99/$29.99. In the Push Square review, we awarded Disintegration a 5/10. We described it as "an interesting genre blend that ultimately falls short." Still, you can't complain when the barrier to entry is lowered to zero.

Do you plan on playing Distinegration this coming weekend? Get excited in the comments below.