After making us all a bit jealous with extended betas on PC, Hyper Scape will launch on PlayStation 4 in less than two weeks time. 11th August 2020 is the day to watch out for as the free-to-play, futuristic Battle Royale shooter lands on consoles, kickstarting the game's narrative and a Battle Pass.

Senior producer Graeme Jennings said: "While the game has already been accessible on PC since our first test phase, Season One is for us the true launch of Hyper Scape. We have leveraged our test periods to develop and release frequent updates, notably on the global balance. With those updates we are now ready to welcome console players into the mix, with lots of new content to enjoy."

Obviously, we didn't have the chance to test what Hyper Scape was like before this PS4 launch, but Season One will bring with it a new weapon named Dragonfly and another Hack called Magnet. This will allow you to trap other players. If you want to follow the story of the game, you'll need to collect a Memory Shard somewhere on the map on a weekly basis along with reading comics in-game.

Rounding out the package is the Battle Pass which offers both a free and premium tier. It'll cost 950 Bitcrowns and these can be earned by playing the game or through cash purchases. Have you been looking forward to trying out Hyper Scape on PS4? Let us know in the comments below.