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Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (100 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • US 11th Aug 2020
  • EU 11th Aug 2020
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Hyper Scape News

  • News Hyper Scape, Ubisoft's Battle Royale Flop, Is Being Switched Off


    Who remembers Hyper Scape? None of you? Really? It’s perhaps telling that the biggest splash this game made is when its community manager went on a Twitter tirade. Anyway, the title’s nearing the end of its life, as Ubisoft unceremoniously pulls the plug on the project. “We have made the difficult decision to end development of Hyper Scape...

  • Hands On Hyper Scape Might Be Too Chaotic for Its Own Good

    DualShock deficiency

    We'd be hard-pressed to think of a more obvious example of a PlayStation 4 game so clearly optimized for play on PC than Hyper Scape. It actually gets to the point where you question why Ubisoft bothered with the console port in the first place. However, this is a free-to-play Battle Royale title and so the idea of restricting...

  • Reminder Hyper Scape Is Out Today on PS4

    What time is Hyper Scape available?

    Hyper Scape is Ubisoft's take on a free-to-play battle royale FPS, and it's out today on PlayStation 4. Supporting 100 online players in stylish, futuristic battles in a giant cityscape, the game will be available to download starting today, when its first season gets underway. If you're curious as to what time...

  • News Ubisoft's Hyper Scape Drops Onto PS4 Next Month

    The future is now

    After making us all a bit jealous with extended betas on PC, Hyper Scape will launch on PlayStation 4 in less than two weeks time. 11th August 2020 is the day to watch out for as the free-to-play, futuristic Battle Royale shooter lands on consoles, kickstarting the game's narrative and a Battle Pass. Senior producer Graeme...

  • News Ubisoft's Battle Royale Shooter Hyper Scape Is Coming to PS4 This Summer

    Have a new trailer while you wait

    Is Hyper Scape coming to PlayStation 4? If you're unclear on whether the battle royale shooter is coming to Sony's console, fear not -- it was announced for PS4 earlier this month. Ubisoft is entering the free-to-play, battle royale arena with its futuristic FPS, and it's currently in open beta on PC. While you...

  • News Ubisoft Announces 100-Player Battle Royale Game Hyper Scape for PS4

    Next global superstar

    You're not bored of the Battle Royale genre just yet, right? No matter what your answer to that question is, Ubisoft has decided to throw its own take on the concept into the mix with Hyper Scape. This free-to-play 100-player online FPS is another battle for first place and it's coming to PlayStation 4 in the near future, but...