No Man's Sky only just added cross-play to its long list of features last month and now it's already back with another PlayStation 4 update. Titled Desolation, this latest update adds a new playable environment to the vast reaches of space in the form of seemingly abandoned freighters packed full of loot and story beats.

This free patch will add the ability to search these procedurally generated in ships both in VR and outside of it along with friends. Once you've gathered all the salvage you can carry, you'll need to plan your escape route, but it's here where you'll start to encounter some problems. Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, said: "In the panic to flee the ship, hazardous items spill out, defense systems get scrambled and environment controls begin to fail. Some vessels may even have been overrun by hostile alien lifeforms… You may want to take some friends along to increase your chances of making it out alive."

The Desolation update also tweaks weapon balance to allow for a more cohesive combat experience. Will you check out this latest No Man's Sky update? Share your thoughts in the comments below.