Right, you're going to want to buckle up for the ride here. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a really weird game, but did you know that one of its most bizarre aspects actually kept a secret cutscene under lock and key? One mechanic allowed players to build nukes for their bases, but these could be stolen by other real-life users if they managed to successfully infiltrate the HQ. Konami hid a cutscene behind this feature, making it only possible to view if every nuke in the game was deactivated. This was thought to be an impossible task when attempted naturally, but the PlayStation 3 community has just managed it.

This has been done before on PC, but it was via a glitch that triggered accidentally rather than a consistent effort from the fanbase. As such, there's probably a good chance you've never seen the cutscene in question so we recommend you check it out above. We assume the community chose to do this on PS3 because of the smaller player base, but this achievement is still thoroughly impressive.

So, there we have it. It's definitely not the elusive Chapter 3 that everyone wanted, but it's still worth watching. Now let's get back to hoping and praying that the Metal Gear Solid franchise isn't completely dead. It is, though, isn't it? Goddamnit Konami.

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