No, Heavenly Bodies isn't a game about Push Square's editorial staff. Instead, it's a title all about the unpredictable and complicated nature of zero gravity. The game, developed by 2pt Interactive, is headed for PlayStation 5 and PS4 in 2021.

We like the look of it so far; it's a co-op game in which you and one other are tasked with maintaining a space station using awkward controls. The triggers and sticks move your arms, while L1 and R1 kick your legs. Yeah, it's one of those. It looks like it'll be a pretty tricky puzzle of a game, trying to keep everything under control while everything floats aimlessly.

On the PlayStation Blog, the developer writes about how it will utilise PS5's capabilities. You'll be able to feel things slip out of your grip with the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers, and even feel the density of whatever you're holding onto. Haptic feedback will ensure you feel the space station creaking as it falls apart, and more.

We're definitely intrigued, but we've got to wait until next year to play this one. What do you make of Heavenly Bodies? Hold on tight in the comments section below.