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At the start of this week, we asked you to send in your very best Ghost of Tsushima screenshots taken with the game's excellent Photo Mode. And boy did you lot deliver. We've got more than 40 entries featuring Jin Sakai, the island of Tsushima, and its Mongolian invaders to admire, so thank you to everyone who participated. None of them contain any spoilers, as far as we can tell, so feel free to take a look at what each and every community member has submitted.

Once you've done that, determine which one is your favourite and place your vote in the poll at the bottom of the article. There are no prizes for first place -- this is just a bit of fun -- but we think there is something to be cherished in every screenshot. So, without further ado, admire the work of fellow Push Square users and work out who did it best. Enjoy!

#01 - b1ackjack


#02 - KeitaroBaka


#03 - PeakyBlinder

#04 - MarcG420

Ghost Of Tsushima 20200717234403

#05 - FrankenSama

#06 - SuperSilverback

#07 - iamgalib

#08 - Philfycasual

#09 - FenderXT

#10 - anon_pel222

#11 - Bklynst8ofmind

#12 - Gr8VngnzN4esAngr

#13 - Xiaolin

#14 - ClockDownRMe

#15 - HellOfaHunter

#16 - Amman95

#17 - Or_Pezarker

#18 - BizarroK


#19 - BearsEatBeets

#20 - darrenmartin22

#21 - kiki3400

#22 - Tomboy25

#23 - mdaghlas


We're only halfway through your submissions! Click through to the second page to check out even more Ghost of Tsushima Photo Mode screenshots from the Push Square community.