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While the Madden NFL 21 community continues to criticise EA Sports for the lack of improvements to the series’ staple Franchise mode, it looks like the FIFA 21 team has been busy in the aftermath to last year’s dreadful Career mode. You may recall the soccer sim launching in an abysmal state, with all kinds of wacky bugs and glitches leading to a rather forceful #FixCareerMode social media campaign.

Perhaps the biggest improvement is the introduction of the Interactive Match Sim, which allows you to monitor match data and make adjustments on the fly. It isn’t as detailed as Football Manager, but the twist is that you can hop into the game at any time, taking direct control of the action on the field before hopping back out. Similarly to MLB The Show’s March to November mode, you can choose to control the “big moments”, like penalties and free kicks.

There’s also depth being added to player development. With the right schedule, for example, you can transform a plucky right-back into a devastating right-winger, and you’ll have control over how you want your entire team to train in between games. It’s important, because you’ll have to micromanage fitness, ensuring that your key players peak at just the right time.

Transfers are also being tweaked, with the addition of Loan to Buy options, and if you choose a more financially constrained club, you can activate a Financial Takeover option that will effectively provide you with direct access to Roman Abramovich’s account number and sort code. More will be revealed in August, but this sure sounds like a good starting point to us.