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FIFA 20 actually releases today, but one of its flagship modes isn't in the best shape. Career Mode has a long, long list of issues that either turn its take on realism into a bit of a joke or break the game entirely. It's gotten to the point where huge megathreads are having to be created on EA's Help website that detail every problem, but according to some posts on Reddit, the publisher is actually deleting these posts in an attempt to downplay the game's flaws.

In a post from Reddit user SpookyMulder, it is said that EA is attempting to silence the community and that their post which uncovered eight new bugs was deleted almost immediately after posting. They go on to link to a thread on EA's forums, which at the time of writing is still active, that contains numerous posts about how threads have been disappearing from the home page.

User MedBoy101 said: "After they cleaned up my thread from bumping, @EA_Lanna welcomed criticism. The criticism continued as they said they don't silence that. After I posted 9 NEW REPORTED BUGS, EA closed my thread. EA is hours from release and tried to silence a report that the state of CM is unplayable."

The state of FIFA 20's Career Mode didn't go unnoticed by ourselves either, with deputy editor Robert Ramsey stating in the Push Square review: "This year, Career Mode is in desperate need of a patch or two. Or three. It's functional, but it's shockingly buggy -- the kind of bugs that take you right out of the game just when you're trying to immerse yourself in the search for glory with your favourite club."

What's your take on this? Have you encountered many glitches and bugs while playing FIFA 20? Report your own problems in the comments below.

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