Elden Ring PS4

Last week, we reported on the fact that the Elden Ring Reddit community was placing its hopes of a long-awaited reveal on tomorrow's Xbox Games Showcase. It made sense to us -- marketing rights are assumed to be wrapped up with the team in green and it's been more than a year since that initial announcement. However, industry insider Jeff Grubb has come out to state that there's basically no chance of Elden Ring actually putting in an appearance on Thursday.

Taking to Twitter, the Venture Beat writer states that "there's a better chance of a Bakugan than Elden Ring on Thursday." This is in reference to Nintendo's recent Treehouse livestream, but it is also basically the nail in the coffin. The next From Software project won't feature during Microsoft's digital event tomorrow so it would be best to kill any anticipation you've built up quick time. It does raise the question, though: what on earth has happened to this game?

Can you answer that question? Speculate in the comments below.

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