Elden Ring PS4

Seriously, what has happened to Elden Ring? It has now been more than an entire year since the latest From Software project was revealed and we haven't seen anything of it since. We're not about to give up on it just yet, it'll surely come out at some point in the future, but we can't deny that the long, long wait is getting a little bit frustrating. Nevertheless, the Elden Ring Reddit community is now pinning its hopes of a reveal at a certain gaming event next week.

Microsoft has its Xbox Games Showcase digital event scheduled for Thursday 23rd July, and since the game was originally announced last year at the Xbox E3 2019 press conference, fans reckon this is their best shot yet at getting a glimpse of the project. The thinking is that the marketing rights are tied up with Microsoft and so it is the only company who could reveal the next piece of the puzzle. Will it actually happen, though? Who knows.

The Reddit page in question is so starved for information at the moment that users are joking with one another that Bandai Namco will be a bit of a troll and debut Scarlet Nexus gameplay instead of Elden Ring. We have to admit, that would be pretty funny, but we do want to see this game at some point! We won't be hosting the conference with a live chat, but should Elden Ring put in an appearance, you can be sure we'll cover it here at Push Square. Meanwhile, you will be able to catch the digital showcase for yourself live on Pure Xbox.

Do you think we'll finally see Elden Ring next week? Get your hopes up in the comments below.

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