Creaks was only just announced for PlayStation 4 two weeks ago and now it's already gone and got itself a confirmed release date. It's coming sooner than you might think too with a launch scheduled for next week on Sony's current-gen console. You'll get to play this creepy 2D puzzler from 22nd July 2020.

As described by the team at Amanita Design, Creaks "takes you on a visit to a mysterious towering mansion, inhabited by eccentric avian folk and strange creatures, which may or may not be as dangerous as they seem. In their animated form, these monsters called creaks are deadly enemies you should always keep your distance from."

We'll have a full review for you here at Push Square in the near future, and we've also been talking to the developer about the game's design and production. You can also look forward to that interview shortly. Are you interested in Creaks? Let us know in the comments below.