Pareidolia is the scientific term for "seeing things", and it's this concept that Creaks explores. The 2D puzzler from Amanita Design is coming to PlayStation 4 in just a couple of weeks and it appears to have a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Check out the announcement trailer above for further context and information.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Creaks is described as a game about turning creatures into ordinary objects. This will then form mechanics to solve the puzzles in front of you. "We call these odd shape-shifting creatures “creaks.” Aside from the watchers which resemble angry dogs, you will encounter a few more — each of them with different behavior — for example, the spy who copies the main character’s movement. Just remember — don’t touch any of these creatures in their animated form, and you’ll be safe." The game will be split up into five different environments, each a different part of the house, and paintings have been turned into minigames.

It sounds pretty neat and we won't have to wait too long until we can play it for ourselves. What do you make of Creaks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.