Destiny 2 Beyond Light PS5 PS4

Bungie has made the difficult decision to delay the upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion to 10th November 2020 following the continued worldwide struggle to cope with the coronavirus. Originally scheduled to launch in late September, this marks the very first time that the developer has missed a DLC launch for the original timeframe. The reason as to why this has happened is completely understandable, however.

Detailed in a post on, DeeJ explained that the past couple of months have been a challenge for the studio. "We’ve learned to create together in a new way, by having to work apart from one another. Despite these hurdles, we’re still committed to the same level of quality that our fans expect." This now puts the expansion's launch directly in the headlights of the PlayStation 5's release, but then Destiny 2 fans won't have to worry as every one of their purchases will carry over to the next-gen version. Destiny 2: Beyond Light now releases just a week before Assassin's Creed Valhalla, with Cyberpunk 2077 following two days later. November is beginning to look its usual crowded self.