The Last of Us 2 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

The Last of Us: Part II may be on store shelves and a colossal success, but that’s not stopping developer Naughty Dog from turning its attention to the future. The Californian team is currently on a hiring spree, and particular interest must be paid to the role of a Level/Environment Designer which makes explicit reference to a single player game. We know that the studio’s also working on a standalone multiplayer game for its post-apocalyptic franchise, but word of an all-new narrative should energise fans.

While it’s little surprise to learn that the team will be turning its attention to the PlayStation 5, a further role for a Tools Programmer states that candidates “will be working on our next generation graphics analysis, profiling, and debugging tool in conjunction with our sister technology groups”. Unfortunately, it’s not much to go on right now, and we can’t imagine the developer will have anything to show outside of the aforementioned online adaptation in the near future.

Still, we’re practically salivating at the prospect of Naughty Dog on PS5.

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