Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is the third game in the overlooked series about smashing castles with boulders. It's heading to PlayStation 4 on 21st July after a delay, but if you fancy taking it for a spin beforehand, you're in luck. A beta test for the tower defence / platformer hybrid is coming up, and sign-ups are open now.

The open beta test is due to take place on PS4 between 23rd and 30th June, giving you a full week to sample the game's zany goodness. We're not certain precisely what will be included in the beta, but it's probably safe to assume a focus on online multiplayer. One of the key features of this instalment is a level creator, so we'd wager that making and sharing levels with other players will be a part of the beta, too.

You can enrol over on the official website. Are you interested in checking out Rock of Ages 3 ahead of release? Roll up in the comments section below.

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