Ps5 Dualsense Controller

If you’re a Twitter user, there are two new hashtags you may want to start incorporating into your tweets. A day before the hotly-anticipated PlayStation 5 game event reveal, you can now customise your posts with a lovely, little DualSense controller. That'll happen if you simply include either the #PS5 or #PlayStation5 hashtags. This is just more proof that it really is happening tomorrow, isn't it? Once Sony's PS5 game unveiling is over and done with, we feel like the floodgates are really going to open with reveals and announcements. Tomorrow is just the beginning.

If you're still unsure when you should be tuning in for the PS5 game reveal event, check out our handy guide which details everything you need to know. And in the meantime, have a read of our predictions, hopes, and dreams for the digital broadcast. Will you make use of these customised hashtags? Get tweeting in the comments below.