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The reaction to the PlayStation 5’s hardware design has been generally positive, but many are still in a state of shock over the system’s aesthetics. It’s certainly an “out-there” design, and while it’s unforgettable, it can only really be described as unorthodox. Speaking with the PlayStation Blog, marketing bigwig Eric Lempel shed a little light on his first look at the device.

“I thought I was going to a design meeting,” he explained. “And I got to this floor, and there were a few doors you had to get through. You finally end up in this mini vault, a walk-in vault type of thing. There are these nice lights up above shining down. And there it was. Everything you saw today: PS5 was there, both units. The whole line of peripherals.”

Lempel suggested that those shocked by the unit’s appearance may grow to appreciate it more in the flesh: “When you see this thing in person, there are a lot of nice, surprising features. It’s gorgeous, it’s just a marvel. I think people are going to love having in their home, it’s something they’ll want to show off.”