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Not everyone loves the look of the PlayStation 5, but the console’s come underfire for reasons beyond its unorthodox sense of style. Some fans, for example, believe it would look better in black – and they’ve dreamed up some mock-ups to demonstrate their point. Fortunately, it sounds like there’ll be some alternate colours available post-launch.

PlayStation’s VP of UX Design Matt MacLaurin, who’s been alarmingly candid about the system’s user interface, wrote on LinkedIn that we’ll “definitely be seeing some special editions”. Intriguingly, he added: “[The PS5] is also customisable in ways previous gens weren't.”

It’s unclear exactly what he’s referring to here. He could be alluding to the fact that the system’s two-tone colour scheme will allow for extremely unique styles – that’s certainly possible. However, we can’t help but recall marketing bigwig Eric Lempel’s comments on the console last week: “When you see this thing in person, there are a lot of nice, surprising features,” he said.

Maybe there’s more to the PS5 than meets the eye?